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With the Grizzly HBM, I think it will eventually be too frustrating to use for a pro, not to mention the time that it would eat to set up and adjust properly, constantly attending to it and rechecking setups.

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The cutter consumption shape curve defined as the fitted function of the normalized cutter consumption versus the cutter position radius is found to be uniquely determined by the cutter layout and was used for analysis.

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It is reasonable to say that the proposed concept can be considered as an alternative for tunnels in soft rock and high porosity, and needs better performance of the water jet system to become an alternative for hard rock.

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So far, mature solutions have not been found but they will be possible if the mining industry is really interested. Because of their stability, the head support locating pins are for supporting coarse or rough surfaces during machining.

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Possibility to use placement techniques, which do not require preparing of additive repository holes for the fuel elements. In most cases they involve multiple cutting points, diametrically opposed, whose deflection forces cancel each other out. We are committed to the survival and growth of the manufacturing industry.

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